Nad C542

Lettore CD.
 Programming capability  20 Tracks
 Digital-to-Analogue conversion  24 bit Sigma Delta
 Digital filter  8 x oversampled
 Analogue filter  4 pole active
 Frequency response  5Hz - 20kHz ±0.5dB
 De-emphasis error  <0.5dB
 THD( at 0dB, 1kHz)  0.0035%
 Dynamic range  98dB
 Linearity   0.5dB; 0 to -90dB
 S/N ratio, A-weighted  108dB
 Channel separation


 >110dB @1kHz
>80dB @10kHz
 Wow and flutter  Quartz accuracy
 Output impedance  150 ohms
 Output level at 0dB  2.2V rms
 Digital error correction  CIRC, double error correction in C1& C2
 Digital output  Yes - Coaxial & Optical
 Remote control  Yes
 Dimensions  Width :435mm
Height :70mm
Depth :85mm
 Net Weight  4.1kg
 Shipping Weight  4.9kg


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